We wanted to thank everyone for believing in Craft Cadence in 2018, and especially for supporting our Cadence backpack, which has received positive reviews from the likes of Road.cc, Discerning Cyclist as well as SickBiker.

At time of writing, the first version of Cadence backpack will have been sold out.  Here is what we will be doing in the next version of the Cadence backpack.

Top width

At the very top, Cadence is a wide backpack at 48cm.  This is due to the curved design and our design choice for a simple front velcro to secure the bag along with side straps to tighten and lock the bag.  Most waterproof backpacks have buckles at the ends of the backpack to secure against each other but it is not as aesthetically pleasing and does not close as fast.  We received feedback that the top width is a tad too wide and we have taken that on board.

In the next version of the backpack, the top width of the backpack will reduce from 48cm to 44cm.  To compensate for the reduction in capacity, the depth of the backpack will increase from 16cm to 17cm at the bottom.  We feel that this is the right compromise to make.

Velcro Straps

We will increase the size of both the velcro patches at the back and front of the bag so that the velcro patches meet on the second, third and fourth rolls.

Shoulder straps

We received feedback that our single-piece bridged shoulder straps design could be more comfortable and follow the shape of our backs.   We will therefore move to a S-shaped contour shoulder strap design.  These contoured straps will curve just above the sternum, then back outward below your arms.  This is aimed at following our bodies for a better and more comfortable fit.

We will also increase the thickness of the straps to increase levels of cushioning against weight.


To increase the strength of the front zip pocket, we will move to a different zipper supplier.  We have been testing the new zippers and have been satisfied with the improved performance.


The Cadence is a sturdy backpack made from tough wearing materials.  However, strong tarpaulin materials is heftier than say cheaper polyester materials.  In the next version of the backpack, we will commit to reducing the weight of the backpack.  We will reduce the thickness of the tarpaulin materials from 0.6mm to 0.55mm to reduce this weight.  We will also be introducing a new variation of Cadence made from lightweight nylon material.  Nylon is more expensive than tarpaulin, so that variant will be more expensive, but it will come with a weight reduction of more than 30%.


We will be doing our best to incorporate all of these new features while not increasing the cost.  The truth is we are still confirming how much more the improvements will add to the cost of the bag.  We will announce the price of the new Cadence backpack closer to the launch date.

Thank you everyone for the feedback so far, we look forward to sharing new photos and details of the Cadence update very shortly!

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