Bolsas de ciclismo impermeables hechas a mano


Hantverkskadens. London Bicycle Bags Company.


                    Tu compañera en el trabajo y el juego

          Creado en Londres por ciclistas, diseñado para ti

Probada.  Hemos aparecido en SickBiker, Two Wheel Cruise, Clint Gibbs, Katie Kookuburra y otros canales dedicados al ciclismo..

Consejos sobre viajes en bicicleta para la comunidad. Actualizado mensualmente.

Craft Cadence is now donating masks to those in need

The UK appears to be in the midst of a challenging second wave. In response, Craft Cadence has decided to lend our hand to containing a repeat of the peak that we saw in Spring this year. Public sector and key worker organisations such as schools, hospitals, care...

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Craft Cadence welcomes Paulina as ambassador!

We are super proud to announce that Paulina (@inkalinka_on_the_bike) has joined as us as an ambassador! We love Paulina's passion, smile and the positive spirit that she brings to work and cycling! By day, Paulina is a teacher at a school in Birmingham weekend and...

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Craft Cadence welcomes jeff.nsc as Ambassador!

We are super pleased to announce that cyclist, runner, gym enthusiast jeff.nsc has joined as us as an ambassador! We are very honoured as Jeff as amassed (as of August 2020) over 15K followers on his Instagram account. Jeff is definitely worth a follow if you are in...

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Craft Cadence featured on Breathe Safe Air!

Craft Cadence is pleased to announce that the popular Aropec face mask has been given a detailed review on BreatheSafeAir, a blog dedicated to the topics of pollution, air quality and clean air solutions. Ethan and his team put the Aropec face mask through its paces...

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