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Hantverkskadens. London Bicycle Bags Company.


                    Din följeslagare på jobbet och i lek

          Skapad i London av cykelpendlare, skapade för dig

Tested. Vi har presenterats på SickBiker, Two Wheel Cruise, Clint Gibbs, Katie Kookuburra och andra dedikerade cykelkanaler.

Cykla pendlingstips för samhället. Uppdaterad varje månad.

The definitive guide to top tube bags for cycling

Cycling luggage comes in many forms - some choose panniers, some choose backpacks, some simply use their cycling jersey pockets. But when you’re travelling light or simply need quick access to essentials, it’s hard to beat the top tube bag. Yes, jersey pockets are...

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The definitive guide to cycling in London in 2021

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, cycling has seen a boom across the UK. And in London, that’s no different. Where there was once gridlocked, there were thousands of runners and cyclists instead during the lockdowns. So, whether you are thinking you want to...

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