Recently we got in touch with everyone who purchased our bags in 2020, and we are profiling some of our customers who responded.

Victor responded to us and left a brilliant review. Here is what he said.

I would like you to know that I very much appreciate the Craft Candance. Initially I was interested in the Ortlieb which looks a little similar.
The reason for buying the Craft Cadence is the inner layout and the option to connect a cycling helmet onto the exterior.I am very happy with the CC!

He also sent us a photo with his Craft Cadence backpack, in black, Victor commented:

My new Craft Cadence combines nicely with the new Van Nicholas Rowtag. Unfortunately the owner is not that new anymore with 68 years old, but stil going strong 😉

We think the Cadence backpack blends really well with his choice of Van Nicholas titanium gravel bike, top tube bag and seat bag. : )

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