Craft Cadence featured on Breathe Safe Air!

Craft Cadence is pleased to announce that the popular Aropec face mask has been given a detailed review on BreatheSafeAir, a blog dedicated to the topics of pollution, air quality and clean air solutions.

Ethan and his team put the Aropec face mask through its paces and concluded that:

"I have been wearing this mask over the summer in Seoul (which is often around 35 degrees celsius) and I have to say that this is one of the most comfortable masks I have worn. The breathing resistance is low, and the mask is one of the cooler masks that I have worn. For these reasons, the Aropec anti-viral mask is a great mask for anyone looking for viral protection. It offers significantly better protection than a cloth mask, and the reusability makes it better than most respirators."

BreathSafeAir also reviews mask for other manufacturers as well as air purification devices and equipment.

What sets BreathSafeAir apart from other writers in this space is the depth of technical discussion in his reviews. Data from laboratory testing is a prerequisite for being featured on the website, meaning that only masks with proven certifications are considered.

We are very happy to be featured on this website and for more information, please check out BreathSafeAir's Instagram account.

We leave you with some photos from the review which Ethan and his team have kindly allowed to share.