Creating an eco-friendly waterproof cycling backpack series - Intro - EP001

Dear all,

Many thanks to all for making Craft Cadence such as success so far in 2018.  We are pleased with the response to the Cadence backpack and will be making a world wide launch for the backpack later this year.  Cadence has received positive reviews from the likes of and, and we are very happy to be serving quality products for the discerned cyclists out there.

In 2018, Craft Cadence will be setting out on a new and distinctive journey.  We will be aiming to produce an eco-friendly waterproof commuting backpack from mainly rPET (recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) , without sacrificing the quality and function that consumers rightfully expect.

We are starting from absolute zero and because of that, we want to take you, the customers that place trust in us, along for the same ride. We will be documenting every stage of our product development from sourcing, design, manufacturing and finally to market.

It is not going to be easy to launch this new product.  So far, we have already met many obstacles, such as the lack of knowledge about sustainable materials from our suppliers and manufacturers, the engineering and technical limitations of this more eco-friendly material as well as logistical challenges such as tying together suppliers who have never worked with each other.  Needless to say, we expect the cost of producing this backpack to be significantly higher than waterproof backpacks made from traditional materials such as nylon and PVC.  But we are up for the challenge and we expect to not only make this backpack a reality, but to be successful as well.

Hopefully we will have your support along the way.

Beginning from today, we will be updating our blog series, starting with idea conception and research.