Meet Cadence Evo

The best waterproof backpack in the world that is as sustainable as your mode of transport

*Prototype only – not final.  Made from recycled PET bottles!


The Story

Cycling commuters require their packs to be waterproof.  Almost all waterproof backpack in the market are made from petroleum based virgin materials.  At the same time, we are throwing away one million PET bottles a minute, which are clogging our rivers and seas.  That is why we are creating the world first IPX5 rated true waterproof cycling backpack made from recycled PET bottles.

Where are we now?

We are still experimenting with materials, finding suppliers, testing designs, making prototypes.  Ultimately, we will launch a Kickstarter campaign which hopefully will bring this product to reality.

What can you do now?

We wanted to get the word out on this project right now, to bring you on the journey with us.  Please sign up below to receive access to our exclusive insider’s group, where we share our latest designs, prototypes, videos of the production of the backpack.

Members of the group will also be in the running to win up to 5 prototype bags before launch and have early bird access to the final product (if our Kickstart goal is met) at a huge discount (50%) off the projected retail price. Help bring this product to life, we look forward to chatting with you on the other side!


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