Craft Cadence had our beginnings in London by a group of cycle commuters

All of us had been commuting to work for a number of years already and we saw the commuting boom take off with the London Cycle Superhighways. At the start, we used whatever bags and luggage we had. Over time, as we began to identify ourselves proudly as cycle commuters, we started to look for cycling specific gear for our commutes.

We found that cycling commuting gear was dominated by a few companies that had its labels on the high street. Don’t get us wrong, we thought their products were very good and commuters were in general well served. However, we felt that these companies, due to their domination, didn’t particularly evolve/improve their products over time (they didn’t need to).

Nor do they try to connect the cycling commuter community, reach out to them, and to serve them better.

We thought it would be worthwhile to create a company dedicated to the cycling commuting community, and to evolve with the community and its needs over time.

Starting from scratch, our first product was the Cadence, a waterproof backpack designed specifically for commuting, with its emphasis on withstanding the elements, keeping your belongings try, internal organisation and looking minimalist and smart at the same time.

Our ethos with our products is to continually evolve them over time, taking feedback from the community to update and continually innovate. At time of writing, Cadence is in its third iteration. All customers that purchase our products are asked for their feedback and have a direct line of contact to our designers, and we take their comments and experiences extremely seriously.

We work as a direct to consumers company, we do not have a brick and mortar presence nor do we have distributors. This is so we can have complete control of customer relationships, and to be able to produce at lower scales and focus on new designs.


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