NHS Discounts & Donations

To thank our heroes on the NHS frontline, we are offering special discounts as follows:

Aropec antiviral facemask - 20% offT

Cadence waterproof backpack for cycling - 15% off

We are also donating our Tasca surgical mask protectors/mask to NHS and other key worker organisations. These items are useful for extending the life of surgical masks and reduces waste. No limits on the quantity so please get in touch with us.

To claim your discount or to apply for a donation, please email info@craftcadence.com from your NHS email with a photo of your ID, quantity requirements and we will send you a discount code.

If you are a key worker (e.g. care homes, logistics, schools), we will also provide a general 15% discount to you, with further savings for bulk purchases. You may also apply for a donation of the Tasca mask. Please also email info@craftcadence.com from your work email with your quantity and requirements.