Craft Cadence Waterproof Handlebar Bag | 3.5 – 4 Litres | Yellow | Black


Designed to complement a backpack for commuting or as a standalone lightweight organiser for day riding, the Cadence Waterproof Handlebar Bag will keep your key belongings dry while giving you quick access during your ride.

Key features

  • Seam welded clam shell design enables IPX5 waterproofing with easy one handed access to essentials
  • 3.5 – 4 litre capacity perfect for phones, DSLR camera and set of lens, external battery pack, keys and other essentials
  • Three point mount with non-slip belt system on handlebar, suitable for road bikes, hybrids and folding bikes
  • Detachable strap that turns bag into casual shoulder bag when taken off the bike
  • Tough wearing tarpaulin material will take abuse for years and years
  • Internal mesh pocket for easy organisation of phones, battery packs, wallets, etc.
  • H 20cm x D 9.5cm x W 27cm (at widest, 18cm bottom width)
  • 250 grams


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Our Handlebar Bag has been designed for the commuter or day long rider who wants to keep valuables and essentials within easy one handed reach, in a compact and secure package that is 100% waterproof.   The bag is also aimed at photography enthusiasts, with the width and height of the bag designed to perfectly fit one DLSR camera and a set of lenses.

Let’s have a conversation and talk about each of the key areas for consideration for handlebar bags, and our approach.


The handlebar bag holds 3.5 litres to 4 litres at a stretch.  It will fit most of your daily riding essentials such as

  • Phones and electronics, such as external battery packs
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandwiches and snacks
  • Tools, inner tubes, repair kits, tyre levers, mini pump
  • A spare windproof jacket

With plenty of room to spare.  Inside, there is a mesh pocket to stash your phone, wallet or your external battery pack.


It can also be used as a DSLR camera bag, with the height and width perfect for a camera and a set of lenses.  There is room around the sides to insert foam organisers.  You may also access the mesh pocket to divide other essentials.

Handlebar bags do come in larger capacities such as 10 – 15 litres but in our testing, any larger and the bag becomes cumbersome for day riding.  The closing mechanism of the bag is through a set of buckles.  These buckles have been positioned for the perfect fit and intentionally designed to help the bag retain its shape for waterproofing while maximising load.


As a bag designed for commuters and day riders, we simply do not compromise on waterproofing.  While other handlebar bags on the market with zipper designs claim they are waterproof, they are actually water resistant and water will eventually enter through the zipper ends, or through the seams of the stitching.

Our handlebar bag is rated waterproof to the IPX5 Standard through a combination of high frequency welding and the clamshell design. Short of submersion, no downpour will breach the bag, as shown in our post below.


This is an critical area of consideration as the type of mount can have a direct impact on the quality of your experience.  Most small handlebar bags use velcro straps while larger handlebar bags, especially those for touring, make use of metal fixings.  While permanent fixings are generally secure it adds extra weight to the bike, takes up more room on the bars.  For a small compact bag like ours, we considered it overkill.  Velcro straps on the other hand, are light, adaptable to different bikes but they are less secure.

For our mounts, we use a belt system made specifically for us. They work in a similar way to skiing straps and strike the right balance between stability, weight and easy of use.  Once strapped on, it is super secure and you won’t feel any wobbles.  If you must use velcro straps for your type of bike, please get in touch and we can help you out separately.

The position of the bag on the handlebar can be adjusted, depending on how tight the strap is set.  If the strap is set at its tightest, the bag will end up slightly above the handlebar.  If you loosen the strap by one or two holes, which won’t reduce the stability of the mount, the bag can be positioned level or slightly below the handlebar, allowing for lights to sit above the bag.  There is an additional mount to attach another front light.

Please do note that a minimum of 20cm clearance is needed between the bars and the front tyre.

Ease of access

The clamshell design of the bag means that riders can access essentials one-handed during the ride.  However, if you do use bicycle computers at all times, it will probably be preferable to mount the computer on the stem rather than out in front of the handlebar as doing that would restrict access to the bag while riding.


Handlebar bags will get exposed to the elements, so it is essential that they are tough wearing.  Our bags are made with tarpaulin which provides the durability and waterproofing that is required.


Our handlebar bags are made with night riding in mind.  There are reflectives on the front buckle straps, below the buckles, where you can additionally mount a light, and on the sides of the bag.  You may opt for the bright yellow, or the black which has plenty of reflectives to stand out in the dark.




Use off the bike

Once off the bike, an additional strap is provided that converts the handlebar bag into a shoulder or sling bag to continue your journey.


Additional information

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions10 × 18 × 20 cm

Yellow, Black


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