Endo Cycling Mask Filter – Pack of Five – USA Only


This is a pack of FIVE filters that are compatible with the Endo cycling mask.  The filter is N95 rated to filter out 95% airborne particulates great than 0.3 microns.

Please allow 10-15 working days for delivery.

  • Pollutant and particles protection: a pair of 5 layered carbon filters that can capture pollutant and particles sized 0.3 micron or greater (translating to a 95% capture rate).  This is equivalent to a N95 grading. 
  • Endo’s filters last between 90-300 hours, depending on pollution levels. This translates into better value for money compared to single use surgical masks.  Endo can also be used in conjunction with surgical masks worn on the inside, for additional protection, and prolongs the usable life of surgical masks.

Quantities are in small batches and limited.  With global demand increasing, get one before they are gone.

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