Crafted waterproof cycling bags



Craft Cadence.  London Bicycle Bags Company.


                     Your companion at work and play

           Created in London by cycle commuters, crafted for you

Tested.  We have been featured on SickBiker, Two Wheel Cruise, Clint Gibbs, Katie Kookuburra, and other dedicated cycling channels.

Cycle Commuting tips for the community.  Updated Monthly.

Craft Cadence mentioned on #seetheair blog!

See The Air is one of the best blogs on the Internet on the topics of air quality, pollution and the science and data behind COVID19. The owner of the site, Sotirios, has written three excellent books: Nicholas - a children's book that raises awareness on the issue of...

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Customer Conversations – Victor from the Netherlands

Recently we got in touch with everyone who purchased our bags in 2020, and we are profiling some of our customers who responded. Victor responded to us and left a brilliant review. Here is what he said. I would like you to know that I very much appreciate the Craft...

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How to wear a surgical mask comfortably all day long

For key workers such as teachers, dentists, health care workers, delivery drivers and many other professional fields, wearing a surgical or medical mask all day long is now a reality to be managed. When wearing surgical masks for prolonged periods, there are usually...

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A guide to Anti Pollution Masks for Running (Post Covid 19)

The use of a running mask for protection against air pollution has generally been seen as a niche choice in the running community. However, since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, the use of face coverings has gained increased attention and incited vigorous debate....

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Craft Cadence Featured on Runner Kao!

This week we were really pleased to have our dedicated sports mask Stride featured on Runner Kao, Singapore's top running/jogging Youtuber channel. In the video, Runner Kao tested and reviewed the Stride after going out for a 10K run. Unsurprisingly, he found the mask...

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