Craft Cadence is now donating masks to those in need

The UK appears to be in the midst of a challenging second wave. In response, Craft Cadence has decided to lend our hand to containing a repeat of the peak that we saw in Spring this year.

Public sector and key worker organisations such as schools, hospitals, care homes and other non profit organisations can apply to Craft Cadence for donations of our Tasca face mask, which comes with PM2.5 filters. Alternatively, these face masks act as surgical mask protectors with a pocket specifically designed to fit a surgical mask inside. This will extend the life of surgical masks, helping organisations to reduce waste while also helping the environment.

If you are in need of face coverings, please enquire to with the name of your organisation and your requirements. Please help to spread the word around with friends and family so that those in need can receive the help they need.

Kind regards



Craft Cadence