Customer Conversations - Martin from Ireland

Recently we got in touch with everyone who purchased our bags in 2020, and we are profiling some of our happy customers.

Martin responded to us and left a really amazing review. Here is what he said.

I’ve now had the craft cadence backpack almost a month and am very happy with the purchase. Originally I wasn’t planning on spending so much money but after much online research especially reading independent reviews I splashed out on the yellow version. I wanted something very waterproof and robust that would basically last forever and I’m fairly confident this bag will do both. I carry a spare battery for my ebike and didn’t want to be using watertight bags within a backpack so this bag is perfect, I know however hard and long the downpour all things inside the bag will be kept dry, living in west of Ireland this feature is very important to me. It’s very comfortable regardless of how much it’s filled and I don’t sweat with it on my back even on longer cycles. Maybe the Velcro strips are a little short but I always secure with the clip fasteners anyway so this isn’t an issue. Unlike a hiking pack there are no external loops or rings other than the main lifting loop but this isn’t an issue for me as I prefer things to be secure inside and also less chance of things snagging. In my opinion this is an excellent backpack and for the quality and its features well worth the money.

He also sent us some beautiful photos of his recent ride out in Connemara, Ireland. Thank you Martin!