A detailed breakdown of the new 2020 Cadence backpack

The 2020 version of the Craft Cadence backpack improves on the 2019 Craft Cadence backpack in almost every way.  Here is a comparison of the new features.  


Unless otherwise stated, the first picture is the first bag, and the second picture is the new version.   





As you can see, we have continued to refine our original design, with new subtle changes in execution.  The main change this year is to further reduce our top width from 43cm to 42cm, as looking over the should is of utmost importance to cyclists.  We have increased our bottom width from 25cm to 28cm to maintain capacity size.  The straps at the top of the bag has been changed to seat belt strength which are also smooth to the touch.  We have also increased the strength of the bottom light attachment.







We went back to the drawing board on the backpanel design and have come up with a new, 4 panel system made from EVA foam, replacing the 2 panel system last year.  The 4 panels are thicker, sturdier and allow air to pass sideways as well as vertically.  The overall coverage of the EVA form is 20% higher than the previous version, benefiting larger users but also providing a snug fit for the average sized cyclist.  


Our shoulder straps have been further refined by adding an additional layer of foam that connects to the body of the cyclists, increasing the level of comfort.  The mesh material is denser than last year, adding robustness whilst maintaining breathability compared to most shoulder straps that do not have vents to aid airflow.    




The inside compartmentalisation sleeve is a loved customer feature of the Craft Cadence bag and in 2020, we added some small changes due to customer feedback.  One is to have 2 zipped pockets instead of the one big pocket we had in 2019.  This allows you to separate and further organise accessories between the top and bottom compartments.  The top pocket may be for tech and wallet items, and the bottom pocket for showering essentials once you arrive at work.  


The second change is to have velcro attachments both at the top and bottom to secure the removable sleeve to the inside of the backpack.  This is because some users reported that the sleeve would come off if they carried a particularly heavy 15-inch laptop.  Now that the sleeve is secured both top and bottom,  laptops of any weight/size will stay exactly where they are.  





Dimensions and weight


The height of the bag is between 55cm to 65 cm, depending on the number of rolls you need to secure the bag.  The bag weighs in at 1.1kg, and 1kg if you remove the internal sleeve.  


Final words


We want to thank everyone who has given us a chance.  It is definitely people like yourselves that drives us to do our best  and to offer customers genuine solutions and alternatives in the cycle commuting bags niche.


Kind regards


Craft Cadence