Customer Conversations - Hideo from Japan

In another instalment of our customer conversation series, we are happy to bring an amazing account from our passionate customer in Japan. We asked Hideo to give a little introduction and his experience of using the backpack.

There is some information about myself.

  • Age: 68 years old, born in 1951.
  • Education: I graduated from WASEDA university
  • Business : During twenties, I sold jet engines for big power plants in the middles east area as JORDAN and Europe, in the Japanese No.1 heavy industries company.
  • Since thirties to now, I has been working for lighting business which my father established. The company has 70 years history. Now, we are manufacturing parts for LED lighting fixtures and importing these products from Europe.
  • Experience of cycling : only two years.  (except ordinary bicycles which I has been using every day since my childhood

I loved driving car very much for long years. But about three or four years ago, I gradually became to understand that my driving technique became worse a little than before, because of probably my age. So I gave up driving cars to avoid traffic accidents. After that, I felt some form of withdrawal symptoms, where I was eager to get on any vehicle except cars.

Luckily, I luckily found out e-bike last year.  I bought a TREK Dual sport and now I am use the two bicycles I have instead of cars.

Here is my initial impressions of the Craft Cadence backpack

Good point:

  1. the design is very excellent and smart. The size fits me very well.
  2. the bands fixed the both side of top are very useful and good for passengers not to be hurt.
  3. The marks of the side of the backpack are very good for safe driving.
  4. Because of yellow inside of the backpack, it is very easy to find out something I want to pick out.
  5. The cushioning material on the back is very comfortable and easy to flow hot air to outside. The selection of the material is very good

Some areas of improvements:

  1. The finishing of sewing can be more polished. There are some threads that come from the welded seams

Comparing to other brand backpacks for cycling, your backpack is great.
- The design and total shape of your backpack is very excellent.
- Easy to use.
- Perfect waterproof.
- Looks much better than other cycling backpacks
- Very comfortable for the back
- Very good marketing

We will send you my report after using it longer than six months.

Best regard
Hideo Miyata

Thank you very much Hideo, we hope you have more wonderful times with your Craft Cadence backpack.

For our Japanese readers, here is a translation of Hideo's report, in Japanese.