How to wear a surgical mask comfortably all day long

For key workers such as teachers, dentists, health care workers, delivery drivers and many other professional fields, wearing a surgical or medical mask all day long is now a reality to be managed.

When wearing surgical masks for prolonged periods, there are usually two issues:

  1. The contact point with the non-woven fabric material becomes uncomfortable
  2. While a surgical mask has relatively soft elastic materials for ear loops, over time they can become uncomfortable on the ear and even cause pain rashes.

How do we resolve this?

First, we can wear a surgical mask protector so that the contact point with our face is a softer, breathable material such as cotton.

Second, to eliminate the "ear pain", you can purchase an accessory called the ear loop extension holder or hook, which is a silicone band that hooks up to both ear loops and worn at the back of your head. The extension bands come in many varieties, are relatively cheap and looks like the photo below.

Our surgical mask protector Tasca is a fashionable and practical solution to these problems, providing an extra layer of cover for the surgical mask, and allows for a more comfortable contact point with your nose and face with its soft cotton.


For a demonstration on how to wear the Tasca surgical mask protector with a ear loop extension, please see the below video by a Youtuber Chris who has made a comprehensive review of our mask. See from minute 5:10 for how Chris applies the ear loop extension to take the load of the ear loops away from his ears.

If you are a key worker and you have any questions regarding the Tasca surgical mask protector, please do not hesitate to contact us on Discounts for key workers and bulk orders are available upon request.