Press Release: Craft Cadence Launches First-Ever NanoFiber Pollution Mask Designed with Polygiene ViralOff and Anti-odor Technologies


Innovative UK-based Company, Craft Cadence is thrilled to announce the launch of the world’s first pollution mask produced with Polygiene ViralOff technology that reduces viruses* and BioStatic (stays fresh) with anti-odor properties 

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that air pollution accounts for over 1 million deaths yearly. Despite the breakthrough in the production of respiratory masks, downsides ranging from ineffectiveness in reducing the infiltration of harmful substances to poor mask designs have been recorded.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, respiratory masks have found a more noble cause – stopping the spread of the virus. To curb the excesses of mask-producing companies in the wake of current trends and events, Craft Cadence has produced what is the world's first-ever nanofiber pollution mask made from the combination of Swedish textile treatments ViralOff and BioStatic (stays fresh) technologies. 

The Nanofiber Pollution Mask by Craft Cadence combines Polygiene’s technology, ViralOff that reduces viruses including SARS-COV-2 by 99 percent within 2 hours, and the BioStatic (stays fresh) technology, which inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacterial and fungi in the material.  This combination leads to an added environmental benefit:  as viruses and odor causing bacteria are reduced by the textile itself, there is less need for washing.  Skipping every other wash will reduce its environmental footprint.  

Speaking about the product, CEO of Craft Cadence, John Hsu had this to say, "We wanted to create a highly technical pollution mask that is adapted to the new world we are living in, using the latest in textile and nanotechnologies. There is so much hype and poor performing masks in the industry, and we feel that our background as commuter cyclists in inner cities put us in a unique position to maximise  substance and function”

Speaking of the partnership with Craft Cadence, Haymo Strubel, VP Commercial Operations EMEA of Polygiene, said “We are very excited to partner with Craft Cadence on their forward-looking Nanofiber Mask with ViralOff. Given the serious environmental pollution originating from billions of throw-away medical masks, it is time for more consciousness. This mask offers N99/FFP3 equivalent filtration level while it is reusable and self cleaning, thanks to the Polygiene ViralOff technology.”

Some of the features and noteworthy benefits of this new pollution mask by Craft Cadence include:

  • Sewn-in filter that blocks 99.4% of particles and also allows the insertion of additional removable filters. Craft Cadence is the only producer in the world that incorporates both features in one
  • The latest nanofiber filtration technology guaranteed to block 99.4% of particles at 0.3 microns. The masks are made of nanofiber filters, a breakthrough from the conventional melt-blown technology as used by most companies
  • Nanofiber filters can be washed and reused and still maintain their filtration efficiency, unlike masks produced with melt-blown technology as shown in scientific studies.
  • It comes with head straps as well as optional mask storage pouch that is treated with the ViralOff technology as well. 

Made to standard, the pollution masks by Craft Cadence were produced by craftsmen in Taiwan with decades of experience.  The Polygiene treated textiles are also made from recycled PET bottles. This minimises environmental impacts such as energy, water and carbon emissions compared to virgin equivalents, as well as removing waste from landfills.  

Craft Cadence offers fast express shipping to the United States at US$4. Interestingly, buyers get free shipping to the US when they order at least two (2) units of the Craft Cadence NanoFiber Pollution Masks. Also, the masks are designed for people who have pollen allergies, medical conditions requiring air filtration, and high dust sensitivity. People living in polluted cities and cyclists that commute in inner cities carrying out courier services will find this nanofiber pollution mask a handy piece. 

To further details, visit the Craft Cadence NanoFiber Pollution Mask product page and the Mask Pouch product page. 

About Craft Cadence 

Craft Cadence was born out of the needs of cycle commuters in London's inner cities, where pollution is a daily challenge to overcome. They have backgrounds in science, engineering and environmental sustainability.  At Craft Cadence, products are technical, meticulously crafted, and produced while minimising impacts on the planet.

For more information about Craft Cadence, visit the About Us page on their official website. 

About Polygiene 

As the world leader in stays fresh technologies, we want to change the way we view products from fast consumables to durables. We treat clothes, accessories, home products, and textiles to help people stay fresh, wash less and let clothes and products live longer. Over 200 global premium brands have chosen to use the Polygiene brand with their products. With the wholly owned subsidiary Addmaster Holdings Limited, we now have the possibility to offer solutions for both soft and hard surfaces. Polygiene is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information:


Media Contact 

Name: John Hsu

Phone Number: +447574491841


Address: 76 Commercial Wharf, London, UK

*tested according to ISO18184:2019 for SARS-CoV-2, H3N2, H1N1.