Craft Cadence Mask Pouch with ViralOff®


The Craft Cadence mask pouch is the perfect accompanying accessory for the nanofibre mask.  Treated with ViralOff® technology, it can fit multiple masks, while keeping your masks sanitised.

Key features

  • Keeps your masks sanitised through Swedish Polygiene ViralOff® technology that reduces viruses by 99% within 2 hours  (including SARS-CoV-2).  
  • Measures 17.5cm x 22cm
  • Best fit for up to 3 masks.  Face masks not included


Free express global shipping on all orders above USD100.  3-6 business days.  

Orders shipped from Taiwan, where products are hand crafted in small workshops, not large factories. 

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Additional information

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions22 × 17.5 × 0.2 cm


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