FAQ and care instructions

Will the size fit me?

The mask comes in three size that will fit the vast majority of all adults (women and men). Follow our size guide to find the best fit for you.

How often should I wash the mask?

Frequency of washing depends on usage length and use case. If you are mainly using it outside then it can be washed once a week. It is recommended to have at least 2 masks to alternate between, to allow the masks to be properly sanitised between uses.

How do I wash the mask?

Please wash the mask in warm water at 60 degrees by hand, for at least 5 minutes. Please take care not to apply too much pressure to the nose wire or it will loosen up more easily. You may also let it soak in the warm water for an additional 5 minutes, then hang to dry. Please do not put it in the washing machine.

How long does the mask last for?

The mask can be washed up to 30 times and the filter can last up to 300 hours. Typically, this level of filtration will last 3-6 months depending on environment and intensity of use. Thereafter, you can continue to use the mask by inserting removable nanofiber filters. However, please note that these may not be as effective as the original sewn in filters, which are more tightly sealed to the user's face compared to removable filters.

Will viruses still be able to pass through the 4 layers of the mask?

No mask will provide 100% protection and this mask is not medical grade and not intended as replacements for the N99 respiratory masks. The outer layer will help to capture respiratory droplets and there is additional protection via the nanofiber filter. What cannot be guaranteed are the tiny airborne particles that are in the air in poorly ventilated indoor scenarios where there is a lot of shouting, singing, etc. This is an area of ongoing research where the WHO is still hesitant to provide official guidance even on the transmissibility of the virus. So that situation should be avoided altogether if the aim is to minimise risk of infection - such as going to concerts, singing classes, indoor religious gatherings, or any large indoor social situations.

Where are the masks made?

The masks are handmade in Yilan, Taiwan, by craftsmen with decades of experience.  

DISCLAIMER: This mask is not a certified medical mask and should not be used as a substitute or as replacements of N99 respirator masks. Like all masks it provides a degree of protection against viruses such as COVID-19 but no mask can guarantee that an individual is not infected.