Key benefits

Protection from pollutants and viruses

  • Swedish Polygiene ViralOff® technology that reduces viruses by 99% within 2 hours  (including SARS-CoV-2).  
  • Swedish Polygiene Stays Fresh® technology that reduces odor-causing bacteria by 99%
  • Internal nanofiber layer certified to filter 99% of particles at 0.3 microns to EN 149:2001 FFP3, equivalent to N99 rating.  Nanofiber filters are superior to melt-blown filters in breathability, washability, reusability and filtration.  Overall 4 layer construction for maximum protection, no need for double masking. 


  • Unique shape and design with long robust metal nose wire to stop glasses fogging up, and chin wrap for a secure seal around the bottom of the face
  • Comfortable ear loops with adjusters, along with head straps for additional comfort (included)
  • Outer and inner fabrics designed for sportswear and hiking, comfortable to the skin

Eco-friendly and reusable

  • Truly reusable as nanofiber filter has been proven to retain filtration efficiency even after washing, unlike meltblown filters
  • Outer and inner layers made from recycled polyester, minimising energy, water and carbon emissions
  • Pocket for additional (optional) removable filter.  Continue using the mask even after the nanofiber filter has reached its useful life span

Value and practicality

  • 2 masks and 2 head straps included per pack, allowing you to alternate masks while one is being dried.  

1% for the Planet

By purchasing this product we will donate 1% of the order value to make the world a little better.  We will be donating to the Save the Children Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, as well as local environmental charities with a focus on cycling, such as Friends of the Earth in the UK, and in the US.