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Craft Cadence Backpack | 30 Litres | Yellow | Black

(23 customer reviews)


Cadence is the cycling backpack with the commuter in mind.  This is the updated version of this backpack.  For a comparison with the previous version, please see this blogpost.  Stock available for purchase worldwide.  

*Shipping times: UK (3-4 work days), EU (3-5 work days), Rest of the world (7-10 work days).

  • Main compartment is IPX5 certified waterproof
  • Dedicated laptop compartment up to 15 inches
  • Large front pocket for cycling repair kit and mini pumps
  • Air flow system at the back to avoid sweaty backs
  • Chest and waist straps
  • Internal pocket for wallets and small items

Quantities are in small batches and limited.  Get one before they are gone.

Cadence Backpack Ambassador for May 2021


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The Cadence backpack from Craft Cadence is a cycling backpack/rucksack designed by cycling commuters for use as a cycling backpack.  As cycle commuters, we have listened to feedback from the cycling community.  Commuters need full weather protection against the elements.  The Cadence is certified to IPX5 against water ingress in its main compartment.  Commuters want organisation of their belongings.  The Cadence has a large water resistant pocket to fit bike essentials such as repair kit, spare tubes and even most lock types.  Inside, there is a sleeve with two compartments – one dedicated laptop compartment supporting laptops up to 15 inches, as well as a mesh pocket for small items such as wallets, keys and phones.  The sleeve can be easily removed by velcro.  The bike commuter wishes to be comfortable on the ride, and avoid the dreaded ‘sweaty back’.  Cadence answers this by having a foam padded back panels separated by mesh, aiding airflow between the rider’s back and the bag.  The shoulder straps also have air vents to maximise air flow.   There are chest and waist straps to fully secure the bag to the rider.  The cycle commuters needs to be seen on the road.  That’s why Cadence has a reflective strips at the bottom, which doubles as an attachment for rear lights.  There are also reflective strips on the shoulder straps.  Finally, all that commuters want is for their bags to last.  That’s why Cadence uses the toughest wearing, tear resistant tarpaulin materials that is 0.5mm thick – the thickest on the market for roll-top cycling backpacks.


Cadence is generous in capacity at 30 litres, enough for commuting needs including clothes, lunch, toiletries, bike essentials, laptop, notebooks, other electronics (phones, tablets), and more.  Cadence can double up as a shopping bag in weekends.


Weather protection

Cadence is fully certified to IPX5 standards for water protection by SGS.  IPX5 certification means that the bag is guaranteed to be waterproof in all weather conditions, short of submerging the bag under water.  Water resistance is ensured through high quality tarpaulin materials at 0.5mm thick (thickest on the market), high frequency seam welding technology and the secure roll top closure system which is designed to be secured as quickly as possible for the busy commuter.  To secure, simply fold forward tightly twice until the velcro pads meet.  Then secure with straps on either corner for added security.  The front pocket is generous in capacity and uses water resistant zip to ensure general water resistance (though not certified to IPX5 like the main compartment).  


Smart compartmentalisation

Unlike other roll-top backpacks which come with a single ‘black hole’ of a main internal compartment, Cadence recognises the cyclists’ need for organisation, and avoids the fumbling and hopeful grabbing that is so common with bags in this category.

There is a generous external pocket accessible via horizontal water resistant zippers, which has enough capacity to hold bike essentials such as repair kits, spare inner tubes, chains, lubes, small tools and small bike locks.  Unlike most backpacks with external pockets in this category – there is plenty of room and the zipper is not vertical, meaning items don’t fall out as you unzip.

In the main internal compartment, a organisation sleeve is included which has a generously padded 15 inch laptop compartment at the back (can hold 15 inch MacBook Pro, Dell XPS15, Lenovo Thinkpad), a mesh pocket at the front with enough room for most essentials such as wallets, keys, gloves and phones, and a middle compartment for clothes and lunchboxes.  Water bottles can be neatly to the side of the bag outside the sleeve.


Features designed for the commuter in mind

Cadence is unequivocally a rucksack dedicated to cycle commuters who brave the toughest of conditions.  To maximise comfort, Cadence has been designed with a shoulder harness system that is shaped to maximise comfort in the forward riding position.  The padded shoulder straps have air vents to maximise air flow and reduce build up of moisture and sweat at the shoulders.  The thick foam padded back with mesh covering allows to air to circulate between the back and the backpack, wicking away moisture and helping to avoid the sweaty back when arriving at work.  A light adjustable hip belt enables secure position of the backpack and reduce load on back.  The adjustable sternum strap distributes weight across the back to ensure maximum comfort for the rider.


High visibility with safety in mind

Cadence is designed with high vis in mind.  The bright yellow colour of the bag is chosen as yellow is scientifically proven to be the most attention gathering colour to drivers.  There is a reflective strips at the bottom of the bag, which also functions as a loop for light attachment.  The same reflective strips are also available on the should straps.

Guaranteed to last

Cadence has been engineered to use the toughest tarpaulin materials which is water and tear resistant, and tougher than nylon and polyester.  The material used is 0.5mm thick – which is the thickest on the market for cycling backpacks.  This bag will last you years and years, enough for you to pass on to your relatives and friends in time.


Cadence has been designed as a bag that looks as great on the bike as in the office.  The black variant is equally proficient as an office bag that looks professional and smart in meetings.


While performing best as a cycling backpack for commuting, Cadence is also ideal for mountain biking, touring, cross country, or camping, or any other cyclists looking for a larger load.  It is also great as a stylist everyday general backpack to work, school, gym and shopping.  It can also be used for other outdoor activities where you are exposed to adverse weather conditions, such as hiking, hill walking, mountain climbing, orienteering and sailing.


30l, 1000 g, 65 (unrolled height) x 42 (widest width) x 18 cm (depth)


EU Customers:  As of 2021, customers from the EU will face customs VAT and duties on any purchases.  UK’s VAT will be removed at checkout but please be aware that EU country level VAT and duty will be payable separately to the courier on parcel’s arrival.

About Craft Cadence

Craft Cadence is a specialist cycling brand started by a small group of cycle commuters in London. All the founders have commuting to work in the past and continue to do so.  We are driven to serve the cycle commuting community with quality products that are designed with our community in mind.

Media Reviews


“The Craft Cadence Backpack is a tough, capable, and cavernous no-frills backpack designed for the commuter cyclist who REALLY doesn’t want their stuff to get wet. I like it a lot.”



“All things considered, I liked the Cadence a lot.”



“So is this ‘the one’? It’s early days in the relationship and we’re yet to share a shower together… but call me an old romantic, I think I may have found my commuter bag for life.”



Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 65 cm

Yellow, Black

23 reviews for Craft Cadence Backpack | 30 Litres | Yellow | Black

  1. Jon H (verified owner)

    I’m impressed by the size of it, it swallows up my stuff I need to take to work etc, it’s not been out in the rain yet. Takes a little time to get use to the roll top errr top, but at least unlike my old tiny backpack I know there’s no zip to go wrong on it. The roll top has one thing I have to get use to whilst cycling, looking over my right shoulder it slightly obscures my view, but I can’t see how you could change that.

    16/04/2021 Update
    that technique of tucking in does really work

  2. V (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it. The build quality is exceptional,it really is a work of art.
    I can only imagine the time and consideration that went into the designing.

  3. Michael C (verified owner)

    My opinion of the bag so far is that I love it.. I like the simple but cavernous main compartment. Its a sturdy rugged bag, however when its on my back its comfortable and light, when fully loaded its still comfortable and doesn’t move around when putting in some effort.

    Ive only used it in the rain once but everything inside remained dry. I like the yellow colour and with a light attached the bag makes me feel like a pro-commuter if that makes sense.

    Overall I’m a big fan and for the price I dont think there is anything obviously better on the market…

    My only improvement would be a clip inside the outer pocket to put your keys for easy access….. otherwise I like the simple design with no extra pockets/mesh that could make it less streamlined and more cumbersome potentially.

    Well done on a great product.

  4. Diego A (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the bag. After years of trying not to spend more money on a bag of this quality by finding rain covers, applying wax, spraying on water repellents… I finally have peace of mind. Commuting to work has never been so fun. I will definitely recommend this bag to whomever I find and post it up on my Instagram.

  5. Mark P (verified owner)

    My new CC bag is awesome! Within the first four weeks especially it drew a lot of comments from my colleagues at work who wanted to know more about it and where I got it.

    I use it everyday as I either cycle or walk to work (10km return) and was looking to replace an over the shoulder bag. This used to swing around me whilst cycling which with a heavy load was dangerous. So I decided I needed a waterproof bag that would take my laptop. I wasn’t aware of the CC brand, but a quick Youtube video suggested the Craft Cadence against the rivals bag. I was impressed by the reviews and CC website and was sold.

    I like buying well-made items, so this fitted the criteria perfectly. Love the build the build quality, good size which fits the laptop, running kit and lunch etc. The laptop sleeve and pockets are great. The bag is comfortable and keeps everything dry. I’m really pleased I bought the CC.

    I recently used the bag to fly to Queenstown and put my DSLR, travel tripod and other photography equipment which was really useful.

    NZ is a small market, so the options to buy local aren’t brilliant. So I had thought mine would be one of the few this far south, but to my surprise this week I spotted another CC bag at work which started a good conversation.

    As with a few other people I have noticed the rolls do tend to protrude when looking over my shoulder to cross the lanes when cycling. But now I’m aware of this, this is fine.

    A few people have asked me if it is pannier compatible. I wasn’t personally looking for this type of bag, but it might be useful feedback for future product lines.

    Cheers, Mark

  6. Paulina

    Love my yellow commuting bag, it’s durable, waterproof and visible on the road. I commute by bike to work most days. I look forward to a smaller edition too (I hope) because sometimes I don’t need all that sapce daily. Truly, this bag is a tardis, you can fit so much into it.

  7. Dean R (verified owner)

    I commute 6 miles each way every day to the school I work in, on and off-road, following the River Wear, having everything tossed at me – the Cadence backpack is perfect, keeping my marking, tablet and ironed-shirts clean and bone dry; there’s loads of storage and the accessible waterproof pocket keeps my phone and keys dry and secure, easy to access. I did lots of research before purchasing and certainly recommend the Cadence to any cycling commuters out there.


  8. Kata (verified owner)

    The backpack is wonderful, I’ve been using it since, every day. First
    I’ve took it for a 50 miles journey, than to the mountains, and now I’m
    having with me constantly on my rides in the city. The bag is not only
    perfect for cycling but for hikes and walks as well.
    The compartments and the opportunity to take the big inside bag out it’s
    perfect – i’m loving the fact that I can put different things inside and
    keep them in order, and also that is so easy to clean!
    So thank you very very much, indeed it’s been a very positive experience
    to be able to use this bag!

  9. Ryan N (verified owner)

    The bag is fantastic, the best purchase I have made for a long time.

  10. Geoff Bradley (verified owner)

    The backpack is excellent. The only problem is I haven’t used it since 24th March and with working from home for the foreseeable future it doesn’t look like I’ll be using it again any time soon!

    I had been looking for a replacement for my excellent Vaude backpack (which was donkeys years old) for quite some time and the Craft Cadence was well worth the wait. I had a few boxes to tick, including high visibility, fully waterproof, designed for cycling, laptop compartment, capacity, safe pockets, pockets for tools and compartments for water bottles. Yours was the only bag that ticked every one.

    The previous reviews were great but many complained about visibility when looking behind but I have found no issues with this at all. The only thing I would say is I would have preferred exterior side pockets for water bottles as I had with the Vaude. The Vaude was also slightly more comfortable on my back but it was a smaller bag which I used for many years so I think it’s just a case of getting used to the new one – no real issue.

    Overall 99/100 – just the exterior pockets for water bottles for me to make it perfect. I think the backpack is brilliant, great value for money and your customer care and service is as good as it gets.

    I reckon this one will last me even longer than the last one.

  11. Martin Brannelly (verified owner)

    I’ve now had the craft cadence backpack almost a month and am very happy with the purchase. Originally I wasn’t planning on spending so much money but after much online research especially reading independent reviews I splashed out on the yellow version. I wanted something very waterproof and robust that would basically last forever and I’m fairly confident this bag will do both. I carry a spare battery for my ebike and didn’t want to be using watertight bags within a backpack so this bag is perfect, I know however hard and long the downpour all things inside the bag will be kept dry, living in west of Ireland this feature is very important to me. It’s very comfortable regardless of how much it’s filled and I don’t sweat with it on my back even on longer cycles. Maybe the Velcro strips are a little short but I always secure with the clip fasteners anyway so this isn’t an issue. Unlike a hiking pack there are no external loops or rings other than the main lifting loop but this isn’t an issue for me as I prefer things to be secure inside and also less chance of things snagging. In my opinion this is an excellent backpack and for the quality and its features well worth the money.

  12. Victor Nijmeijer (Netherlands)

    I highly appreciate the Craft Cadance. Initially I was interested in the Ortlieb, which looks a little similar.
    The reason for me to buy the CC is the inner layout, the design and the possibility to connect a helmet.
    Overall this CC looks very dependable.

    Well done!

  13. James Lee (verified owner)

    The backpack is great. Deceptively huge and comfortable despite being loaded up! Waterproofing is brilliant and size is just right – doesn’t interfere with visibility on rear glances. The only suggestion I would have is that it would be great to have another internal pocket, but it’s only a minor issue. In general, very impressed and happy with my purchase.

  14. Raymond Alexander Mclellan (verified owner)

    Purchase date 14 February 2020.

    I bought two, one of each colour and use the yellow one daily on my cycle commute.

    I have used it through all weathers having previously used panniers for my commute. I did wonder how it would feel riding with a backpack, but it is extremely comfortable in all weathers and easy to adjust to fit depending on clothing worn. I don’t even notice I have it on, and the ventilation is excellent.

    I can also vouch for it being waterproof, quick and easy to load. I also really like the front pouch for quick access to lights, lock and gloves etc.

    A great product, truly a product designed for cyclists by cyclists.

    Highly recommend this product.

  15. Brian White (verified owner)

    Great product. Practical, comfortable, waterproof and cheaper than anything remotely comparable. Look no further.

  16. Tim (verified owner)

    I bought one of these a few weeks ago as part of a transition from panniers to rucksack (and Hybrid to Road bike) – I’m really impressed. My initial plan had been to get an Ortlieb one, but did a bit of research, found Craft Cadence and took the plunge. So pleased I did. The straps are comfy, having a front pocket is really handy, and the (removable) laptop protector makes keeping everything in order easy. Most importantly it passed the first couple of absolute downpours on my commute with flying colours. It was hammering it down this evening; and everything inside stayed bone dry. Big thumbs up.

  17. Kevin Salim

    I research a good backpack and this seemed to tick all the boxes. I use it on a daily basis for work. It’s really comfortable and fits all my work stuff and spare clothes. I had a little issue with the bag, contacted the company who bent over backwards to resolve it in super quick time. Cant recomend this bag or company enough. I will definitely be using them again. If you purchase this bag you wont be disappointed.

  18. Daryl Jenner

    I cycle to work and for pleasure and need a bag that keeps my stuff – laptop, clothes etc. properly dry.
    I’m really happy with the rucksack – definitely worth the wait! It’s probably the most comfortable bag I’ve owned. It sits just right and although being a medium-size it packs in a lot of stuff.
    I wanted to get this one as my Ortleib large rucksack is great but doesn’t have any internal or external pockets and so I’m always rummaging to find things.
    The compartments in this one are perfect for my laptop and other bits that otherwise would be lost.

    I’ve used it for a few months now and it’s very well made with no issues with the craftsmanship at all.

    The only two negatives I can think of is it would be great to have more Velcro at the top so when the bag isn’t as full the top can be rolled further down to make it a bit smaller. Also it’s a shame the yellow fabric isn’t made of the same stuff as the black side panels. They are easy to clean whereas the yellow is already showing stains from mud and the road which don’t clean off. But these are just minor thoughts!

    I hope this is helpful – I love the bag which always gets admired wherever I go – and would recommend it to anyone looking for a medium-sized waterproof visible comfortable and roomy rucksack!

  19. Satpal

    I spent weeks at the start of winter looking for the ‘perfect’ waterproof backpack and settled on the Cadence, only to find it was no longer produced! So, I was super-pleased when the new version came out last month. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and love it.

    You can tell that’s it’s designed by cyclists and it is really practical. The bag material feels very sturdy and should last for years, however it still feels light and is very comfortable on my back. I have no problem fitting my 15” MacBook and work clothes in the bag, and it’s still comfortable.
    The closure system is better than any other bag; I like the fact that you don’t have to unbuckle the straps – you can just quickly loosen and slip the loops off.
    It’s also really handy having an inside and an outside pocket (most waterproof bags just have one pocket).

    I actually bought a waterproof bag in December from another company to get me through the winter, but I’ve given that away now as the Cadence ticks all the boxes for me.

  20. Chris G (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it. It’s perfect for my work as a visa courier. It does look very robust and well made. I think it will be great in summer with airflow down the gap on the back. I really like the organiser inside. For me the balance of pockets and open space is perfect. I’m surprised how much I use the outside pocket. It’s very useful if I need to grab a pen or stapler quickly.

    I’ve not carried anything super heavy yet, but it feels like I hardly have anything in it. A few times I’ve had to stopand check I’ve not forgotten anything. Not sure if it’s the shoulder straps or the way it sits on my back. I think it’s helped my lower back pain.

  21. Sebastien S (verified owner)

    I don’t regret the purchase for a second. Backpack is comfortable, so far sturdy but not encumbrant and nothing to say on waterproofness or visibility. Very happy with it and have already recommended the product around me.

  22. Esther (verified owner)

    What to say …? Am thrilled and delighted with the backpack. It’s clear a lot of thought and love has gone into both the design and execution.

    I bought it for my son to use as his senior school rucksack – and as a cycling backpack.

    It’s got full marks for comfort, weight distribution and accessibility. It makes light work of a heavy load. Love the styling and the colour really pops (we bought the yellow for max visibility cycling). Waterproofing has passed the test.

    There are no negatives. And trust me, the number of backpacks we’ve been through, we’d have found them. We love it. Genuinely – charge more for it . We’d still buy it and probably a second one for me. We’ve eulogised to our friends and can honestly say, this purchase was totally worth it.

  23. Alistair L

    I bought this after reading a blog and searching for a bag that is water tight and has a large storage area for all my needs from day trips out, to a ride to the shops. I have to say after ordering I recieved emails informing me of every stage from confirmation all the way to signed for delivery. The bag itself is really well put together and feels incredibly durable. With lots of pockets to hold everything you could possibly want I would recommend this highly.

    I wore it riding around Cannock today and depsite having food for the Mrs and I, several Jackets and a change of clothes, 3 water bottles and all the keys, phones and wallets that come with leaving the house these days I can comfortably say, I didnt realise I even had a bag on. The straps are very comfortable and the padded mesh supports (new version) stop your back from getting hot. Alongside the main shoulder straps you have a chest strap that I tend to use a lot and a waste strap that I would only use when cycling without the Mrs on a downhill route.

    For the safety concious I bought the yellow version and it has refelctive stripes and is very bright so you cant be missed. It also has a strap for an extra light.
    Theres a pocket on the outside for anything that you would need immediately, I keep my car keys and wallet in there and if you dont want the compartments inside you can remove them as they are held in by strong velcro.

    I can’t recommend this bag enough, nothing in Halfords or anywhere I have looked compares.

    The roll method commenly used in the military to make things water tight is really easy and is made more secure with velcro and the straps holding it in place.

    Im already looking forward to future products from this small but very proffesional company and can’t wait to see what other products they produce to fill the gaps in our cycling lives.

    Recommended highly from a very very happy customer.

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