Craft Cadence signs agreement with Sweden's Polygiene to provide antiviral and anti odour cycling gear!

We are excited to announce that Craft Cadence has signed an agreement with Polygiene to bring a new line of cycling products using their antiviral (ViralOff), anti odour (Odor Crunch) and anti bacterial (Stays Fresh) technologies.

ViralOff is a chemical treatment of textile products that is certified to reduce viruses by 99% in 2 hours, using the ISO standard ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2). The results of lab tests are shown in the chart below.

Odor Crunch is a patented technology that use modified silica particles that absorb and break down molecules that give rise to offensive odor. This keep fabrics smelling fresh, and is beneficial for the environment as there is less need to wash clothing as odor causing bacteria have been eliminated.

Stay Fresh is a patented technology that makes use of silver chloride (not nano-silver), which is friendly for human use. The treatment stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and it certified by IMSL to reduce bacteria by 99%.

Our Aropec face masks already use both the ViralOff and Stays Fresh technologies, and we have had many questions regarding these technologies. Over the next weeks, we will publish a series of blogposts addressing these questions.

It is a very exciting period of time and we can't wait to show you our next products that will keep you away from viruses and improve your health and performance.