Aropec – Face Mask With Swedish Polygiene© Anti Virus and Anti Odour Technology – Kills 99% of Viruses

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Craft Cadence UK is pleased to partner with Aropec to bring to the UK a new reusuable face mask made with Swedish “Polygiene” anti virus and anti odour technology that is also antibacterial, water repellent and washable. 

New!  Kids size available.  

Delivery: UK Royal Mail Tracked48 (2-3 days), Europe tracked postage (3-5 days), RoW DHL packet tracked (15-20 days) or DHL express (7-10 days).


  • Anti virus and anti odour fabric – Aropec is made with Swedish Polygiene technology, which is certified to kill 99% of viruses within 2 hours.  For more information, see Description section below.
  • Breathable and comfortable: made with moisture-wicking antimicrobial fabric, Aropec is surprisingly comfortable and breathable compared to cotton based masks.  
  • Pollutant and particles protection: Aropec can be used as an effective anti pollution mask to protect against dust and particles
  • Adjustable ear loops and metal nose wire: Aropec will fit snugly and stay on, unlike other masks which are flimsy and fall off.
  • Environmentally friendly: Aropec’s certified antiviral (99%) and antibacterial (99%) performance can be sustained up to 50 washes, and can be  used thereafter as well.

Quantities are in small batches and limited.  With global demand increasing, get one before they are gone.  

For bulk orders, please enquire info@craftcadence.com for further details.  

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How does the mask protect against viruses, bacteria and odour?

The mask is made of 3 layers. 

1st Layer: Water repellent fabric with Polygiene “ViralOff” treatment. This is certified to kill 99% of viruses (like hepatitus, Influenza, Corona) and other bacteria

ViralOff treatment is a Swedish technology from the company Polygiene. Aropec is entitled to use the ViralOff mark as we have licensed the technology. Polygiene has tested the active ingredient against Influenza A, BirdFlu, Norovirus and Corona (SARS) over the years, and in all cases, have achieved 99% levels of virus reduction.

It is certified to the ISO18184:2019 standard, which involves a test that can be made for any specific product for effect in the two hours timespan, where it has to reduce the virus over 99%, to pass.

2nd Layer: Non-woven fabric with dust and particles filtration. Non-woven fabric is used in surgical masks and is proving to be more effective at capturing respiratory droplets than cloth based masks or PM2.5 masks.  Unlike other pollution masks, there is no need to purchase separate filters as the filter is sewn inside the mask for perfect seal.  The mask lasts for 50 washes, approximately 4-5 months of regular use.  

3rd Layer: Soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable fabric treated with Silver Ion Polygiene. Again, the Polygiene treatment captures and breaks down unpleasant odours, and is certified antibacterial, meaning it can protect the user from bacteria and transmission of droplets.

The Polygiene treated fabric is certified antibacterial by IMSL (Industrial Microbiological Serives Ltd), to the International Biodeterioration Research Group (IBRG) Tier 1 Textile Method, as shown below.

The Method determine the basic antibacterial properties of textiles and porous materials and articles treated with a biocide with the intension of introducing disinfectant / hygienic properties. Samples are inoculated with defined suspensions of microorganisms and then incubated. The changes in the size of the populations both over time and on treated compared with untreated materials are used to describe the basic antimicrobial properties of the materials. The results show that the treated material retain over 99% of its original qualities and therefore is certified antibacterial.

For a hands-on demonstration and to see the water repellent feature of the mask, please see the below video.

Independently reviewed

Aropec has been independently reviewed on a number of websites focusing on air quality and the role of masks.  Please see their reviews below for further information:



A comparison of the Aropec mask against Adidas’ reusable mask has also been made by TyKix, an independent reviewer of athletic products.  See Ty’s YouTube review.  

Customer testimonials

“Very satisfied of the product, nice design and neat with adjustable string. Strongly recommended for everyone.” – JACKLEE, 04 Jun 2020

“Super Fast delivery. Mask material very good & comfortable.” – Verified Customer, 11 June 2020

“received in good condition… i will purchase it again” – Daniel Z, 6 June 2020

Frequently asked questions

Will the size fit me?

The Aropec mask comes in an universal adults size that will fit the vast majority of all adults (women and men).  It measures 17cm from the nose tip to the bottom of the mask and 24cm across the side of the mask.  People with slightly smaller faces will find the mask covering deeper in the chin area.  The fit can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the ear loops which is to be tied by the user.  The knot of the ear loops can be  hidden within the mask itself for a clean look. 

How often should I wash the mask? 

Frequency of washing depends on usage length and use case.  If you are mainly using it outside then it can be washed twice or even once a week but if you are using it for a more prolonged period inside then you should wash it every time you go home from that event.  It is recommended to have at least 2 masks to alternate between, to allow the masks to be properly sanitised between uses.   

How do I wash the mask?

Please wash the mask in warm water at 60 degrees by hand, for at least 5 minutes.  Please take care not to apply too much pressure to the nose wire or it will loosen up more easily.  You may also let it soak in the warm water for an additional 5 minutes, then hang to dry.  Please do not put it in the washing machine.  

Can I use the mask after 50 washes?

After 50 washes, the performance efficacy of the antiviral and antibacterial properties of the mask will fall below its certified amount.  However, it would still be antiviral and antibacterial compared to regular cotton reusable masks, and therefore can still be used.  

Will viruses still be able to pass through the 3 layers of the mask?

It is a complex area where more lab test will need to be conducted. No mask will provide 100% protection and this mask is not intended as replacements for the N99 respiratory masks.

The outer layer will help to capture respiratory droplets and there is additional protection as the middle layer is made from non-woven mesh, similar to the materials used in making surgical masks. What cannot be guaranteed are the tiny airborne particles that are in the air in poorly ventilated indoor scenarios where there is a lot of shouting, singing, etc. This is an area of ongoing research where the WHO is still hesitant to provide official guidance even on the transmissibility of the virus. So that situation should be avoided altogether if the aim is to minimise risk of infection – such as going to concerts, singing classes, indoor religious gatherings, or any large indoor social situations.

DISCLAIMER: This mask is not a certified medical mask and should not be used as a substitute or as replacements of N99 respirator masks.  Like all masks it provides a degree of protection against viruses such as COVID-19 but no mask can guarantee that an individual is not infected.  

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 2 cm

Universal one size its all.



18 reviews for Aropec – Face Mask With Swedish Polygiene© Anti Virus and Anti Odour Technology – Kills 99% of Viruses

  1. Glenis (verified owner)

    Perfect mask for me. 3 layers is far better than 2 and it is lightweight and easy to wear. No extra cost in buying separate filters. I have a short distance between my face and ears so the ability to adjust the elastic is just perfect. Not sore behind the ears. The knot in the elastic can be turned round until it is buried in the side seems. My brother wears hearing aids and has replaced the elastic ties with a length of elastic to tie behind his head, so preventing tangling with his glasses and hearing aids. Washing instructions, a choice of colours and a sturdy pouch to keep it in would be appreciated.

  2. Diana Brown (verified owner)

    Great face mask – very impressed. Al long last finding a mask that I can wear with glasses, with full face coverage and the added protection of anti viral technology, I’ll be back for more now masks are mandatory. Not to mention great service – thanks Craft Cadence

  3. John (verified owner)

    I am very much enjoying the masks I have purchased – almost perfect, but they are the best masks I have owned for day to day use.
    The only difference I would like would be to have the option of different sizes for the face covering. I am about 6’4″, and the mask just covers me, but talking is something I am aware of since it could cause slippage. This is a tradeoff I am currently ok with as the untied ear loop means it doesn’t sever my ears like some other masks I have tried (adidas etc.)
    Please see feedback below;

    1. Do you like the untied ear loop set up? Would you prefer that the ear loop is pretied, with a bead that you can use to adjust the tension instead?
    I love this. One of the biggest issues for me has been finding a mask that doesn’t hurt my ears due to non adjustable elastic being too tight around the back

    2. Is the ear loop material comfortable on your ears? If not, why?
    Very comfortable, i think this may be best materials I have had in a mask yet

    3. How is the size of the mask? Is it too big/small for you, or is it just right?
    Mask itself just about covers my face appropriately, I would be happy if it were available in a slightly larger size (I’m 6’4″ and have this problem with pretty much every mask so far except the Under Armour Sports Mask XL/XXL size)

    4. Does the nose wire allow you to make a tight fit? If not, why?
    It does a decent job. I’m a glasses wearer, and whilst it doesn’t give me as good a seal as the UA Sports Mask (which I only wear to the gym due to the nature of that particular mask), this does the best job of masks I have used in a non sports related capacity.

    5. Are you able to talk with the mask on and wear it for prolonged periods without it falling?
    Yes, just about. If it were slightly larger, I could have a more natural conversation, as it currently stands, I am conscious of the mask potentially slipping up over my chin.

    6. Would you welcome a pocket to insert additional filters?
    I think for its purpose, it’s suiting me fine at the moment in accordance with current guidelines. Am very happy with it, but given the nature of the requirement for masks etc, needs are constantly evolving, so future proofing against a non inconceivable eventuality to require additional filtration, this would be a good idea to have in a mask people would already have by the time it’s required. I’d happily pay a little extra for that.

  4. Thomas Sparkes (verified owner)

    A well made mask. Strong 3 layer material and good strong stitching. The behind ear elasticated cord is untied for individual adjustment. A light wire in the top of the mask can be bent to close around the top of the nose. However the wire could be a little thicker for a firmer nose grip. The mask is comfortable to wear. A choice of 2 or 3 colours would be nice. Good value for the money.

  5. dkanyz (verified purchase) (verified owner)

    I have bought quite a few Reusable masks and I must say this definitely the most comfy mask … will return for more

  6. koolpunt9 (verified purchase) (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and and mask is well made and packed with descriptions

  7. vinntmk (verified purchase) (verified owner)

    With this purchase, now i finally found a mask that fits my large face! Adult size will fit larger face shape comfortably. Tight enough for adequate seal, without feeling mask tightening against my face.Material is light and breathable.

  8. Saidatul K. (verified purchase) (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and the earloop can be adjusted.

  9. SAW Z. (verified purchase) (verified owner)

    . Comfortable. Mask as per advertisement.

  10. LCustomer001(verified purchase) (verified owner)

    Really good quality. Sewn well. Size standard. Fit to the face just nice. If you are wearing spectacles, no fogs are forming. Can wear it for quite a long time, comfortable. Adjustable strap, you can even tie up the strap so that you can wear it withbhijab. Recommended!

  11. djimsum (verified purchase) (verified owner)

    Very happy with this mask. Good quality even though more expensive. Worth the money.

  12. Callingtonlondon

    A really great, trustworthy, reliable and efficient vendor, all good.

  13. LCustomer001 (verified purchase) (verified owner)

    Super Fast delivery. Mask material very good & comfortable.

  14. Daniel Z. (verified purchase) (verified owner)

    received in good condition… i will purchase it again

  15. JACKLEE (verified purchase) (verified owner)

    Very satisfied of the product, nice design and neat with adjustable string. Strongly recommended for everyone.

  16. Adrian

    Excellent, thanks for the reusable pm 2.5 face mask

  17. Frap1984

    Arrived quick and looks good.

  18. Zoe

    great quality masks, fast delivery, many thanks

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